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A priority of our laboratory is to train and mentor motivated young scientists. We support our members to develop their personal scientific interests and to reach their full potential.


PhD students

Highly motivated PhD candidates interested in joining our lab are welcome to contact Nicolas by email. Please include your CV, university transcripts, and a letter of motivation explaining why you are interested in our research and lab.


We encourage the application of excellent postdoctoral candidates with an interest in combining single-cell genomics with imaging and computational approaches to understand cell-to-cell variability and the dynamics of nuclear morphology and architecture during differentiation. Please send your application to Nicolas by email, including a letter of motivation, your CV and at least two reference letters.

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Interns, Bachelor & Master students

Are you a motivated student and do you want to do an internship or your thesis with us? Please send an email to Nicolas to inquire about possible projects. Please include your CV and a motivation letter telling us why you want to join our lab.

open positions



We offer a fully funded postdoctoral position! ​


We are currently looking for an excellent postdoctoral scientist who is keen to investigate the role of nuclear membrane-less organelles during differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. ​

In this project you will: ​

Perform image-based high-throughput CRISPRi and CRISPRa screens to dissect the functional link between nuclear membrane-less organelles, chromatin conformation, and transcription.

Use single-cell genomics to follow up interesting candidates.

(position already filled)

open positions
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